February 23, 2013

Own the 'RINO' Label

Dick Morris, who oversaw the 2012 Republican takeover of the US Senate, the election of President Romney (or President Cain, President Gingrich, or the severely conservative President Romney, who actually did better in the polls when embracing his moderate past), and the expansion of the GOP in the US House, says get rid of the RINOs.

On the other side of the equation, Kathleen Parker, with what is either an epic display of concern trolling or just a very sentimental column, says it's time "for a RINO Rebellion."

Take a cue from the tea party, RINOs. Embrace your alienation. Slap a bumper sticker on your angst and rally that dispassion. Witness how bloggers turned others’ insults into a movement. What were random basement bloggers in terrycloth bathrobes and Uggs are now the respected and influential Pajamas Media, a.k.a. PJ Media.

Own your insult, in other words. Why should RINOs hang their heads in shame and be relegated to the fringes of their party? The party is the fringe. Isn’t it time to reclaim the salt lick? RINOs need to be defiantly proud, aggressively centrist and unapologetically sane.

Via the Daily Beast.

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