February 23, 2013

Why Black Voters Are Critical for the GOP and How We Can Gain Ground

The problem is that for the last four years, the conservative message has been married to—or at least, associated with—a rabid hostility to Barack Obama that reads as prejudiced to many African Americans. Put another way, respect goes a long way in politics and Republicans haven't done much to show respect to black voters, opting instead to capitalize on old stereotypes (see: Romney's "welfare" ads). It's not a good strategy to deliberately antagonize a key group of voters.

With that said, if Republicans could adjust their rhetoric, make serious outreach, and—perhaps—capitalize on working-class black discontent with immigration reform, they could see their numbers improve. And given high black turnout, just winning 10 to 13 percent of African Americans voters—the historic average for Republican presidential candidates since Reagan—would put Republicans in a much better position for national elections.

If I were a GOP strategist, my main focus would be this—winning black voters. Ceding them to Democrats is a great recipe for further failure.

Via American Prospect, pointing out we lose black voters 20-1.

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