April 7, 2013

Pollster to GOP base: Republicans must aggressively reach out to Hispanics

A "duh" statement, if not because the demographics of our country are changing and we must be as inclusive as possible, while not selling our soul.

...Republican pollster Whit Ayres warned his party’s conservative base that it must push candidates and campaigns to “reach out aggressively” to Hispanic voters.

“Don’t you think that a group of incredibly hard working, family oriented, church-going, entrepreneurial, spirited people might be a good place to look for some more allies?” he asked those in attendance. “I think we should.”


“It’s the message, it’s the messenger and it’s the tone,” Ayres said of the GOP’s current woes. “Some people like to delude themselves into thinking the message is fine—we just need to communicate it better. If that’s the case, you don’t lose five of six popular votes in presidential elections. We got a problem with all three and we’re in the process of fixing it.”

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