April 7, 2013

Surviving a Sex Scandal

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It's a little tongue-in-cheek, but is actually very much on-point - on some points.

Looking at some of the biggest sex scandals of the last decade or so, we have tried to parse the factors that allow some pols to skate by and others to live out their days as little more than punchlines. Consider the following guidelines, then, a free, nonexpert, historically grounded What It Takes to keep your name out of the mud. A study, if you will, in what separates the Sanfords from the Weiners.

Rule #1: Don’t Be From New York (ed - I can only surmise that if you get caught in New York you don't deserve to survive)

Rule # 2: Hetero Hanky-Panky Only

Rule # 3: Incidents in the Past Tend to Stay in the Past

Rule #4: Make Sure People Like You

Via The Daily Beast.

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